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Needs Assessment Survey


  1. 1. Intro and Demographics
  2. 2. Professional Development and Training
  3. 3. Customer Support and Technical Assistance
  4. 4. Online Learning (Development)
  5. 5. Online Learning (Delivery)
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  • Intro and Demographics

    1. Greenbush logo

    2. Introduction

      From its beginning, Greenbush has worked to be a model organization for what's possible in education. The Greenbush 2020 initiative, which includes upgrades to meeting spaces, changes to food service, and improvements to infrastructure, represents a renewed commitment to providing an exceptional experience for those we serve. But it’s also important to consider other aspects of the Greenbush experience—specifically, the ways in which we deliver services and support. Your answers to the questions in this survey will help us identify ways we might invest in resources to help the entire organization exceed expectations in the coming years.

    3. Does your department/program engage in any of the following activities? Please select all that apply.*