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School Improvement Services Enrollment Form 2019-2020

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  2. Contact Information

  3. Membership Information

  4. Select your membership level for 2019-2020.*

  5. Please list your goals above. These may include both district and building goals, such as those for KESA, Redesign, and/or a strategic plan.

  6. Select your supports

  7. IMPORTANT NOTE: While all of the Core Services listed below are available at no additional charge to Standard and Enhanced consortium members, we ask that you please indicate the services that your district will likely use. These do NOT count toward the six or 10 supports you can select from the additional choices below, and are included with Standard and Enhanced levels.*

    Please select "I understand" to indicate you have read this message.

  8. Core Services (Included for Standard and Enhanced)

  9. Foundational Supports

    These supports provide basic overview information and set the foundation for further learning. These are often delivered to larger groups.

  10. In-Depth Supports

    These regional events provide ongoing support for participants and/or include multiple dates for continued learning and capacity building.

  11. Building In-House Experts

    This support provides an opportunity for personalized professional learning where you send individual(s) to regional events that include multiple dates and activities for continued learning. These programs will take learning from knowledge level to application and/or impact level, leading to a Greenbush Micro-Credential.

  12. **Items marked include additional costs at a reduced rate for participating School Improvement Services districts.

  13. Teacher Leader Cadre

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