Russell Child Development Center


714 Ballinger
Garden City, KS 67846


Name Title Email Phone
Almaguer, Tiffany Early Interventionist-RN 888.877.3717
Becker, Dani Early Interventionist-ECSE 888.877.3717
Berry, Deanna Early Intervention-Program Director 888.877.3717
Coulter, Karen RCDC-Family Liason/Targeted Case Manager 888.877.3717
Craig, May Early Interventionist-OT 888.877.3717
Cure, Staci Early Interventionist-ECSE 888.877.3717
Dahlke, Melissa RCDC-Program Assistant 888.877.3717
Daughty, Melissa Early Interventionist-PT 888.877.3717
Dechant, Sarah Early Interventionist-OT 888.877.3717
Eichhorn, Brook RCDC-Healthy Steps Specialist 888.877.3717
Ellermann, Cara RCDC-Child and Adult Care Food Program Director 888.877.3717
Frank, Stephanie Early Interventionist-ECSE 888.877.3717
Garcia, Erika Early Interventionist-MSW 888.877.3717
Goodman, Nancy Early Interventionist-SLP 888.877.3717
Guinn, Lisa RCDC-Building Blocks Coordinator 888.877.3717
Hamlett, Ann Early Interventionist-SLP 888.877.3717
Hernandez, Carina RCDC-Bilingual Program Assistant 888.877.3717
Hernandez, Martha RCDC-Healthy Steps Specialist 888.877.3717
Hines, Corinna Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.275.0291
Hurd, Ashley Early Interventionist-SLP 888.877.3717
Itriago Rivera, Maria (Eva) RCDC-Bilingual Program Assistant 620.275.0291
Jackson, Haley RCDC-Healthy Steps Specialist 888.877.3717
Jimenez, Francisca RCDC-Triple P Coach/Healthy Steps Specialist 888.877.3717
Kedrowski, Scott Early Intervention-Program Coordinator 888.877.3717
Koch, Kimberly RCDC-Administrative Assistant 888.877.3717
Lemons, Jessica Early Intervention-Program Data Manager 888.877.3717
Limas, Adeth RCDC-Bilingual Program Assistant 620.275.0291
Lowry, Katrina RCDC-Director 888.877.3717
Lujan, Marissa RCDC-Healthy Steps Specialist 888.877.3717
Marquez, Flor RCDC-Triple P Positive Parenting Coach 888.877.3717
Marrufo Armendariz, Alma Early Interventionist-MSW 888.877.3717
McNutt, Dana RCDC-Financial Officer 888.877.3717
McNutt, Shelby RCDC-Temporary, Seasonal Maintenance Worker 620.275.0291
Miller, Melissa Early Interventionist-ECSE 888.877.3717
Montoya, Magdalena Early Intervention-Paraprofessional 888.877.3717
Morales, Maria Early Interventionist-ECSE 888.877.3717
Moser, Kendall Early Interventionist-RN 888.877.3717
Nondorf, Janice Early Interventionist-ECSE 888.877.3717
Ordonez Vicente, Maria RCDC-Triple P Positive Parenting Coach 888.877.3717
Padilla, Estrella RCDC-Triple P Positive Parenting Coach 888.877.3717
Pasek, Bethanee Early Interventionist-SLP 888.877.3717
Purdy, Mattie RCDC-Administrative Specialist 620.275.0364
Ramos, Denisse RCDC-Healthy Steps Specialist 888.877.3717
Reist, Amy Early Interventionist-RN 620.275.0291
Richmeier, Laura RCDC-Healthy Steps Specialist 888.877.3717
Sater, Shara RCDC-Data Manager 888.877.3717
Savage, Joy RCDC-Healthy Steps Specialist 620.275.0291
Schatz, Dannah RCDC-ABC Coach/Triple P Coach 888.877.3717
Schmidt, Christine Early Interventionist-OT 888.877.3717
Silva, Griselda Early Intervention-Paraprofessional 888.877.3717
Smith, Ashley RCDC-Triple P Coach 888.877.3717
Smith, Julie RCDC-Child and Adult Care Food Program Assistant 620.275.0291
Thackery, Kayla Early Interventionist-SLP 620.275.0291