Teacher Resources

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Kindergarten: Kansas Weather - Summer (PDF)

Kindergarten: Kansas Weather Happy Fall Y'all! (PDF)

Kindergarten: Basic Needs of Living Things (PDF)

Kindergarten: Basic Needs of Living Things (Lesson 2) (PDF)

Kindergarten: Harold and the Purple Crayon (PDF)

Kindergarten: Fall Process Art - Primary and Secondary Colors (PDF)

K - 2nd Grade: Dice Breakers (PDF)

K - 2nd Grade: Color Me Happy (PDF)

K - 2nd Grade: The Color Monster (PDF)

1st Grade: Sound and Light (Part 1) (PDF)

1st Grade - Space Exploration with Snoopy (Part 1) (PDF)

1st Grade: Kandinsky Circles (PDF)

2nd Grade: Fall into Art and Science (PDF)

2nd Grade: Kansas Classrooms - Then and Now (PDF)

2nd Grade: All About Matter (PDF)

2nd Grade: Plants and Animals (PDF)

2nd Grade: Plants and Animals (Lesson 2) (PDF)

3rd - 5th Grade

3rd Grade: Mission Sphero (PDF)

3rd Grade: Weather and Its Impacts (PDF)

3rd - 4th Grade: Internet Safety (PDF)

3rd - 5th Grade: Understanding Election Night (PDF)

3rd - 5th Grade: The Strengths Spotter (PDF)

3rd - 5th Grade: The Power of Pause (PDF

3rd - 5th Grade: Get to Know Ya Bus (PDF)

4th Grade: The Art of Mathematics - Putting it into Perspective (PDF)

4th Grade: Mission Sphero (PDF)

4th Grade: Light  (PDF)

4th Grade: Sound (PDF)

4th Grade: Animals (PDF)

5th Grade: Waters of the Earth Packet  (PDF)

5th Grade: Waters of the Earth - Tides and pH (PDF)

5th Grade: Mission Sphero (PDF)

5th Grade: The Constitution (PDF)

6th - 12th Grade

6th- 8th Grade: Understanding Election Night (PDF)

6th - 8th Grade: Art of Math - Op Art (PDF)

6th - 8th Grade: Can you Hear me Now? (PDF)

6th - 12th Grade: Back to Back (PDF)

6th - 12th Grade: Mountain Survival (PDF)

6th - 12th Grade: UBUNTU! (PDF)

6th - 12th Grade: Space Counting (PDF)

6th - 12th Grade: Dice Breakers (PDF)