Career Academies (Grades 4-8)

Greenbush Career Academies let students spend two full days digging into a field they’re interested in, gaining invaluable skills and advice from experts. From art to chemistry, from engineering to theater, these deep-dives into varied career paths offer something for everyone. 

Note: These camps span multiple days but are not overnight camps. Daily transportation is provided in select locations. 

  1. Grades 4-5
  2. Grades 6-8

Coding Academy | June 11-12
The ability to write code is not only important to acquire for professional reasons, coding and learning to write code is a valuable skill all students should be able to leverage so they know “how” to think about complex problems. This camp will overview several coding tools designed for kids to create games, animations, and stories in byte sized chunks!

Art Academy | June 25-26
Owner and operator of HodgePodge Art Workshop in Kansas City, Maile MacDonald, is teaming up with Greenbush Summer Camps to explore cultural arts. Campers will be hands-on with finger knitting, leather stamping, Native American beading and much more!

Sketchbook Academy | July 2-3
Whether creating a marketing design, a blueprint for a skyscraper, or just capturing a moment of beauty, sketching is a skill necessary for many careers. Students will explore how to create space and texture on a two dimensional plane. They will be so engaged, they won’t realize the geometry, triangulation and science that turns graphite etches into lifelike sketches. Partnering with Pittsburg State University Art Department, this Greenbush camp will stretch the spatial reasoning and creativity of your camper.

Theatre | July 16-17
This is not a skit! Come investigate the world of theatre and all that it entails in this summer academy. Greenbush is partnering with Pittsburg State University’s theatre program to explore both the performance and technical skills that bring a story from page to stage. From improv and acting to costume and make-up design, your child will leave ready to break a leg!

PSU Plastics Academy | July 23-24
Kids often have imaginations that far exceed the tools and resources we have available at home. In this camp, students will be able to turn their wildest creations into reality at the PSU Plastics Lab. Come mold your dreams into a plastic reality!