Student Leadership Series

Helping today's learners become tomorrow's leaders.

In the spirit of our leadership programs for current and aspiring administrators, members of the Greenbush team now work directly with students to help them develop the knowledge and skills to become tomorrow's leaders through the Student Leadership Series for students in grades 3-12. 

The elementary school program meets each semester, the middle school programs meet quarterly on Fridays, while the high school program meets monthly on the same dates as adult leadership meetings, allowing for efficient travel arrangements. If you're a Standard or Enhanced member of our Student Enrichment Consortium, your students are already eligible to participate at no additional cost!  


  • Students develop their personal mission statement and use this to guide long- and mid-term goals
  • Students learn about various personality types and communication and leadership styles to better understand themselves as well as the people they encounter throughout their lives


  • Students are given tools to help them take control of their own lives by setting goals, managing time, and building self-efficacy
  • Students build emotional intelligence skills by practicing self-awareness and empathy
  • Students recognize opportunities for change in themselves and others by participating in Rachel's Challenge


  • Students are empowered to develop and implement programs within their schools and communities
  • Students continue to improve upon the example they provide for their schools
  • Students develop positive relationships between themselves and their school's administration/leadership personnel


2019-20 Meeting Dates

  1. Elementary
  2. Middle School
  3. High School

Each meeting is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • Sept. 6
  • Jan. 10