500 Reach

500 Reach is a flexible education program for grades 9-12 and adult students to earn their high school diploma. It is a fully accredited virtual program with face-to-face access and support from an on-site instructor.

How Does the 500 Reach Virtual Learning Center Approach Differ From Other Virtual Programs?

Coursework is not tied to a traditional school year or semester-style calendar. Students are able to complete their curriculum, then move along to the next coursework selection, allowing them to accelerate or take extra time on units, based on their needs.

500 Reach Graduates

For High School Students Under 19

Some students thrive while working at their own pace outside of the traditional brick-and-mortar education setting, while others may need to take a few extra classes to stay on track and on-time.

For others, life situations make flexibility necessary as they continue their pursuit of a high school diploma. A virtual education through the Kansas City Kansas Public Schools and 500 Reach Virtual Learning Center allows students the opportunity to tailor their coursework to their needs through a partnership with the Greenbush Learning Center.

For Adult Learners

Many adults have been unable to complete their high school diploma in the traditional way.

It's important to realize, however, that adults with a high school diploma earn an average of $11,000 per year more than adults who haven't finished high school (U.S. Census Bureau).

500 Reach Graduate

If you are an adult who has not completed your high school diploma, a Kansas City Kansas Public Schools (KCKPS) virtual program can provide the high-quality curriculum, professional support and resources you need to make your dream of earning a diploma a reality.


Virtual learners must:

  • Live within the boundaries of KCKPS if under the age of 19
  • Have reliable access to the Internet
  • Demonstrate progress toward completion of agreed-upon number of credits required for graduation and meet state virtual attendance requirements if under the age of 19

Virtual program includes:

  • FREE tuition when enrolled through KCKPS
  • A laptop will be provided to any full-time student for use in the program for a small technology support fee
  • On-site instructional support with certified instructors and academic support staff