STEM Instruction

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

We inspire, encourage and prepare students for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and careers! The Greenbush STEM Mobile Learning Lab will combine some of the best features found in Fab Labs, Maker Spaces, and STEM Labs to provide customizable experiences for students, tailored to fit their learning needs.

Greenbush STEM Mobile Learning Lab

  • We encourage students to explore, invent, and discover as they learn in our lab.
  • Our activities leverage a project-based approach and utilize the engineering design process.
  • Greenbush makes STEM learning fun, engaging, and relevant to the students' lives.

Stations may include the following:

  • 3D Printing and Design Laser Cutting
  • Finch Robots
  • 3D AV Rover Mobile Cart
  • Coding
  • NAO Robot
  • Minecraft
  • Scratch Programming
  • Drones
  • Hummingbird Electronics
  • Mindstorm EV3 Robotics
3D Printer

Considering purchasing a Makerbot 3D printer for your school? Maybe you already have one and need help getting started? We can help!

Man With Robots

Learn how to captivate students in a way that traditional robotics platforms and computer software simply can't duplicate.


Imagination Labs encourages critical, design, and computational thinking using games, robotics, 3D design, and programming.

Did You Know

  • STEM occupations will grow 1.7 times faster than non-STEM jobs over the next 20 years
  • Only 45% of U.S. high school graduates were ready for college-level STEM subjects in 2011
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  1. Labs for Teachers
  2. Labs for Students

Games, Gamification & Gaming for Education (1 Full Day)

This lab will cover gaming mechanics and ideas that can be leveraged in the classroom to help engage students and keep their attention. Topics will include: How to integrate badges, levels, and experience point (XP) systems into your lessons; What tools can be used to allow students to "show off" their class badges and experience points; And a few tools, tips, and tricks for teachers and students to build their own simple games and share them with peers.

iPad & Web-Based Applications for Developing Computational Thinking Skills & Teaching Kids to Code (1 Full Day)

The ability to write code is not only important to acquire for professional reasons, coding and learning to write code is a valuable skill all students should be able to leverage so they know "how" to think about complex problems. Computational thinking is quickly becoming the 5th "C" of 21st century skills, and coding helps strengthen problem solving and analytical skills. There are several iPad applications that are designed specifically for students to teach them to code and solve problems through computational thinking, this workshop will overview several of these desktop computer and iPad (or Android tablet) applications as well as others.